in the digital age - in which power lies neither in institutions nor on the streets but on the Web, that is, in the communications system - we seek to exchange ideas about the questions of both culture and art, and of society at large aNd encourage possible answers.


The field of interest of ART-e-FACT's fourth issue is the amalgam of the global and the local. We focus on the mutation of the globalization process, modes of surpassing local confinements of cultural and artistic fields, investigation and articulation of glocal/borderline topics and practices which do not necessarily generate new narratives, but place the already existing/local ones into a global context.

DEC 2005

TECHNOMYTHOLOGIES investigates the way in which way technology and especially new media technologies change artistic and cultural paradigms. In which way artists are transformed by technology, and technology reshaped by artists and activists.

controversial positions by artists, theoreticians, performers, film and video makers are raised -- attacking the myth about technology and the technology of the myth from a consistently political point of view.

NOV 2004



With the theme simply entitled UTOPIA, ART-e-FACT wishes to provoke an interaction between theoreticians and visual artists by posing a set of questions related to contemporary society/art.

responses from artists, theorists and activists are presented in issue 02.

MAR 2004

From January 1, 1993 to May 7, 2002, at least 3026 people died attempting to reach fortress Europe. These are deaths that WERE made public in the press. No one knows the number of unrecorded cases.

This first issue of Art-e-fact is grounded in the urgent topic of Illegal Immigration.

FEB 2003  (EN)
APR 2003  (HR)

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